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Notre histoire

At Nucleus we electrify coffee.

The Passion

Our adventure in the world of coffee started behind the counter as baristas. Hours of crafting coffee gave us time to reflect on the industry. After many reflexions, we realized that electricity was the future of coffee roasting.

Green energy and transparency

Why adopt electric roasting? This method not only enhances the unique profile of each bean, but also significantly reduces our carbon footprint. It's our commitment to quality and the planet.

Every coffee we offer comes with its price and marketing information. This means you can find out what we paid, its score, who we bought it from, and other details right on the product page. Not only are we very proud of this practice, but it's also a rare practice in the coffee industry.

The search for perfection

We have strict standards for coffee evaluation and taste. When the coffees arrive at our facility, we roast them, taste them and make careful adjustments to the roast profiles until they make the coffees shine in the cup. With each batch, we take a sample of each roasted coffee and taste it for quality.

We believe that each bean has a unique story and a distinct flavor profile just waiting to be discovered. Our quest is to uncover that hidden story, finding the perfect roast that best expresses the individual character of each coffee. Sustainability is the backbone of our business.