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Lab Club - Coffee subscription

Lab Club - Coffee subscription

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Club Lab is a bi-monthly subscription that gives you access to exceptional coffees, available only in small quantities. Each delivery features a specific theme to help you discover diverse origins and explore the concepts of specialty coffee.

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What is the Lab Club?

The Lab Club is a 2-month subscription to exclusive coffees. These are exceptional coffees available only in small quantities. Each delivery showcases a producer, so you can taste the best they have to offer.

By subscribing, you also benefit from a discussion group dedicated to coffee, where you can exchange ideas with other enthusiasts.

Why this price?

By subscribing to the Lab Club, you benefit from our pre-purchase model, which allows us to gauge demand and minimize waste. The savings we make means we can offer you exclusive coffees at 33% off.

In short, less risk for us means a better price for you.

Fixed price, variable quantity

Since the price of green coffee can change, the quantity of coffee you receive varies instead of the price. This guarantees that you always get the best coffee experience within your budget. We aim to send 150g to 250g per order.


Import prices

Club Lab's bi-monthly subscriptions give you exclusive or early access to single-origin coffees. Each delivery focuses on a specific theme to showcase diverse origins and explore specialty coffee concepts. This formula makes it possible to sample top-quality coffees at a reduced cost. A club coffee discussion group is included.


  • Get 1 bag of coffee with every order
  • Access to rare coffees
  • Save $$$
  • Skip, pause or cancel at any time
  • Priority roasting on order
  • NO shipping charges
  • Shipped directly to your door
  • Delivery on the 15th day of the month


When is my coffee roasted?

Each coffee is roasted to order on Mondays and Tuesdays of your subscription week.

How can I change my subscription?

All changes can be made through your Nucleus account. Changes to subscriptions must be made before the billing date. Confirmed orders cannot be changed, exchanged, cancelled or refunded.

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Electric coffee

By supporting our project, you're also supporting a brighter future where coffee has a significantly smaller footprint on the environment. Roasting with electricity eliminates one of the biggest sources of coffee-related greenhouse gas emissions. Make your daily effort by drinking electric.

Our commitments

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.