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Test Batch

Test Batch

Varied origins Washed Roast : Light

Coffee roasting is complex. The first batch is not always ideal. To avoid waste, we offer imperfect roasts at reduced prices. Although we aim for perfection, these batches do not meet our full-price standards.


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Roasting coffee is a complex process with many variables. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, the first batch misses the mark. To make sure nothing goes to waste, we offer imperfect roasts at reduced prices. This is your chance to get good-quality beans without having to pay a high price.

Coffee batches may vary. For the moment, these are test batches of our Chaka from Gesha Village, as well as test batches of our brand-new Burundi washed.

The test batch is packed in ordinary bags with paper labels or standard labels.

Please note that free shipping of 2 or more bags does not apply to these test batches. Test batches count as half a bag in the free shipping calculation, so you can buy a regular bag and 2 test batches to get free shipping.

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    By encouraging our project, you also encourage a better future where coffee has a significantly less important imprint on the environment. Roasting with electricity is to eliminate the greatest source of emission from Gas with greenhouse effects connected to coffee. Make your effort on a daily basis by drinking electric.

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