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Finca La Esperanza Geisha & SL28

Finca La Esperanza Geisha & SL28

Costa Rica Natural Roast : Light 2010m

Presented as a premiere at Café Collectif, we officially present our brand new batch from La Esperanza farm. This exceptional batch, national winner of the Costa Rica Cup of Excellence for natural coffees, presents fruity and sweet aromas combined with the beautiful clarity that we know so well from geishas.

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Grown by the award-winning Blanco Ureña family, national winners of the prestigious 2023 Cup of Excellence in Costa Rica. Their exceptional commitment to quality has already earned them several prizes, and we firmly believe that this is just the beginning of their journey to greatness. Get ready to embark on a coffee adventure like no other, as their dreams of a fully functional wet grinder pave the way for extraordinary coffees coming from this talented family. The Blanco Ureña family's dedication to their craft is evident in every cup.

Thanks to our friends at Balam Coffee Project, we have the chance to put this coffee on the menu while supplies last! This is an extremely limited batch, hurry up and try it before the few remaining kilos are sold out!

You will find in this coffee a beautiful clarity, moderate acidity and above all vibrant aromas of plums and peaches. You will be pleasantly surprised by the aromas on the nose. As soon as you open the bag, you already understand why the Blanco Ureña family deserves the honors.

With a first crack at around 8 minutes and a development of 2 minutes 15 with an end temperature of 203 degrees, there is room for beautiful caramelization and release of aromas without developing bitterness or dark roasted aromas. .

Espresso recipe

Although we recommend manual filter brewing to fully enjoy the aromas of coffee, here is an espresso recipe that brings out the fruity and light side in a balanced way:

18 g of coffee
45 g of extraction
All in 30-35 seconds

Recipe for over

I almost always use my NextLevel Pulsar for pour-over but, for this coffee, I went with a funky aeropress recipe. So here is the single-serving recipe that we preferred to extract it:

  • 25 g of coffee with a coarse grind (12 on an EK43)
  • Water at 199 degrees Fahrenheit (93 degrees Celcius)
  • 60ml bloom for 35 seconds
  • Add water up to 200ml
  • Place the aeropress cap and turn the aeropress over for 1min15
  • Press the aeropress for 1min30 to 2min00
  • You should have about 165ml left
  • Add room temp water up to 210ml

Importer : Balam Coffee Project FOB Price : Our price : $59/kg

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