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Brazil & Guatemala Natural Roast : Dark

For a morning boost, the 6AM is our #1 recommendation. This blend of Brazilian coffee from Eldorado Canario Farm and dark-roasted Guatemalan coffee from Antonio Recinos Farm will wake up your taste buds and your sleeping brain.




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60% of this coffee comes from the Eldorado Canário farm in Brazil, imported by Orange Brown Import. Grown at an altitude of 1100 metres, this coffee is the result of a natural process that gives it its unique flavours.

The other 40% of the blend comes from Antonio Recinos, a Guatemalan farm renowned for its experimentation with natural maceration processes. Dark roasting gives the coffee strength, while preserving the body and velvety aspect of both beans. The profile of this coffee is a lively blend of cocoa and chocolate aromas with a robust, creamy appearance.

Espresso Recipe

This coffee offers a very interesting experience in both filter and espresso. You'll love its depth and strength. For optimum extraction, we recommend a classic 1:2 ratio.

  • 18 g of coffee
  • 36 g extraction.
  • 30 seconds total time

Filtre Recipe

For the pour-over, I particularly like to brew this coffee with Kalita Wave. This coffee, which is slightly darker than our other coffees, tends to flow more quickly, given its reduced density. I therefore like to use Kalita because the small holes limit the flow of water and allow me to use the same grind as usual and obtain an equivalent extraction time by limiting the flow. I also reduce my water temperature slightly, as this coffee is darker than I usually drink. Here's the single-serve recipe I use for 6AM.

  • 15 g coffee
  • Water at 194 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees Celsius)
  • Bloom 50ml for 30 seconds
  • Total volume 240 ml (in two 100 ml instalments after blooming)
  • Total brewing time 3 minutes

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