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Redefining the coffee market: The limits of the current system

May 17, 2023 ● Jasmin Tétreault

The coffee market, spanning continents, connects farmers in tropical regions to consumers worldwide. Despite being the status quo for years, its limitations and shortcomings are becoming evident, necessitating change. Roasters like us, Nucleus, are dedicated to a transparent and sustainable future.

The C Market

Today's global coffee market, often referred to as the "C market", is characterized by a lack of transparency, volatility and fairness. The price of coffee is largely determined by the commodity futures market, a speculative practice disconnected from the realities of coffee growing. This mechanism often results in prices that do not cover coffee growers' costs, let alone provide them with a fair income.

The limits of the network

These limitations have far-reaching implications. The current system leaves farmers vulnerable to the whims of the market, with prices fluctuating wildly depending on factors far removed from production itself. When prices fall below production costs, farmers bear most of the loss. This discourages sustainable farming practices and perpetuates a cycle of poverty and environmental degradation.

The supply chain for coffee involves a complex network of intermediaries, ranging from local buyers to importers. However, this intricacy poses challenges in tracking the origin of coffee, comprehending production costs, and ensuring fair compensation for farmers, ultimately leading to a lack of transparency

Our objectives

Nucleus is determined to restructure the coffee industry, advocating for transparency, fairness, and ecological sustainability. Our goal is to educate customers on their coffee's journey and share details like the price paid to producers. We strive to reveal the often overlooked realities of coffee production andunderscore the indispensable role of farmers.

Through the utilization of an electric roaster, we effectively reduce our carbon footprint, actively contributing to the promotion of an environmentally conscious coffee industry. Our overarching objective revolves around bolstering the economic viability of farmers and cultivating an eco-friendly ecosystem within the coffee sector

A new era

With the rising tide of ethical consumption and increased awareness, the flaws in the conventional coffee market become starkly unsustainable. It's apparent that the industry cries out for innovative thought, where transparency, fairness, and sustainability are not afterthoughts, but core principles. By pledging support to those companies that adhere to and champion these principles, we can actively participate in shifting the paradigm. We invite you to align with our mission and contribute to the monumental task of redefining the very bedrock of the coffee industry.



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