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Classic Series - Coffee subscription

Classic Series - Coffee subscription

Roast : Medium

The Classics offer balanced, smooth coffees, ideal for a comforting cup every morning. Chocolaty profiles, perfect for espresso, including a variety of origins and blends. Each delivery is selected by our roaster to maximize the discovery of new coffees.

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The Classic Series Subscription

The Classics offer balanced, smooth coffees from single regions or blends, ideal for those who crave a comforting, consistent cup every morning. Classics have a more chocolaty profile, perfect for espresso. They come in a variety of origins and blends.

Choice of roaster

Each delivery of the Classic Subscription includes coffees selected by our roaster. Deliveries are optimized to maximize the discovery of new coffees.


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What frequency should I select?

You can choose your delivery schedule for our bi-weekly, tri-weekly or monthly subscriptions, depending on your coffee consumption.

When is my coffee roasted?

Each coffee is roasted to order on Mondays and Tuesdays of your subscription week.

How can I change my subscription?

All changes can be made through your Nucleus account. Changes to subscriptions must be made before the billing date. Confirmed orders cannot be changed, exchanged, cancelled or refunded.

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Electric Coffee

By encouraging our project, you also encourage a better future where coffee has a significantly less important imprint on the environment. Roasting with electricity is to eliminate the greatest source of emission from Gas with greenhouse effects connected to coffee. Make your effort on a daily basis by drinking electric.

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