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Colombia Agua Suiza Decaf

Colombia Agua Suiza Decaf

Colombia SW Decaf Roast : Medium 1100m

This decaffeinated coffee with Swiss water is a perfect harmony of round, comforting flavors. Enjoyed as a filter as well as an espresso, this decaf will fool your taste buds, making you forget it's even a decaf. We love to match it with our Eldorado Canario, which has a similar profile.

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This Colombian Swiss Water is imported by our friends at Orange Brown. The selection process for our decaf was rather unusual in that we had asked Wade from Orange Brown to send us samples of his coffees and then, in the selection, a mysterious little bag had no labels. We tasted the mystery coffee and particularly appreciated its roundness, its aromas of raisins and chocolate and its rather creamy appearance. It really reminded us of a mix of chocolate and raisins, to the point of saying it tasted like Raisin Glosette! Wade then revealed that it was a decaf from Colombia using the Swiss water process.

It's a surprising decaf that fits in well with our Eldorado Canario and that we serve every day in our coffee shop to people who have already had their caffeine fix.

This coffee is particularly special, coming from the Eldorado Canário farm, a farm renowned for its tradition of quality over five generations. We have developed a fairly classic roasting recipe with a good development to obtain a nice roundness and a velvety appearance loved by the general public while preserving subtle fruity aromas. The roasting carried out in the classic range is carefully controlled to preserve the natural characteristics of the coffee.

A first cracking occurs at 11 minutes at a temperature of 202.6 degrees, followed by an end of roasting at 14 minutes, at a temperature of 210 degrees, with a development of 22%. The result is a lightly roasted coffee with minimal caramelization, allowing the flavors of nuts, chocolate and berries to fully express themselves and providing a pleasant velvety and round texture.

Espresso recipe

Here's an espresso recipe that brings out the body, smoothness and chocolate and grape aromas of the coffee. I usually use a 2.5:1 ratio (18g in 45g out) but, to take full advantage of the camouflaged acidity of the grape aromas, I use a more classic 2:1 ratio. Note that decaf swiss water generally gives a lower density to the coffee, so expect to use a much finer grind than usual.

  • 18g of coffee
  • 36g of extraction
  • All in 30-35 seconds

Filter Recipe

For the pour-over, I particularly like to brew this coffee with Kalita Wave. This coffee, which is slightly darker than our other coffees, tends to flow more quickly, given its reduced density. I therefore like to use Kalita because the small holes limit the flow of water and allow me to use the same grind as usual and obtain an equivalent extraction time by limiting the flow. I also reduce my water temperature slightly, as this coffee is darker than what I usually drink. Here's the single-serve recipe I use for our Colombia Agua Suiza:

  • 15g of coffee
  • Water at 194 degrees Fahrenheit (90 degrees celcius)
  • Bloom 50ml for 30-45 seconds
  • 250ml total volume (in two 100ml pours after the bloom)
  • Total brew time of 3 minutes

Importer : Orange Brown Import FOB Price : Our price : 16,11$ /kg

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