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Finca La Tormenta

Finca La Tormenta

Guatemala Cold anaerobic Roast : Light 1600 meters

This anaerobic cold lot presents lively fruit aromas combined with the interesting fermentation aspect of the anaerobic process. The light roast allows us to fully appreciate the complexity of this exceptional coffee.




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We're delighted to present the latest coffee from Finca La Tormenta, located in the heart of Guatemala's magnificent Sierra de las Minas National Park. Grown by the Cheves family, this coffee reflects sustainable farming practices that respect the natural environment.

The 72-hour anaerobic cold fermentation process with wild yeasts reveals a captivating aromatic profile of watermelon, caramel and orange juice. This field blend promises a unique tasting experience, reflecting the harmony between nature and exquisite coffee craftsmanship.

With a first crack at 9 minutes 20 seconds and 20% development for a total time of 11 minutes 50 seconds, this is truly a well-rounded coffee offering fruit aromas and a fermented aspect, thanks to the anaerobic process.

Espresso recipe

Although we recommend a filter infusion to get the most out of this coffee, here's an espresso recipe that brings out the fruity, balanced side without too much acidity:

18 g coffee
45 g extraction
All in 30 seconds

Filter recipe

For the pour-over, I particularly like to brew this coffee in V60, as I've found that brewing methods with flow regulation tend to bring out more astringency (as high-density coffees produce more fines). So here's the single-serve recipe I use every morning:

15 g coffee
Water at 202 degrees Fahrenheit (94 degrees Celcius)
Bloom 50ml for 30 seconds (longer blooming is possible, but at the expense of coffee clarity)
Total volume 250 ml (in two 100 ml instalments after bloom)
Total brewing time of 3 minutes

Importer : Balam Coffee Project FOB Price : Our price : 16

La Tormenta farm

Immerse yourself in the extraordinary world of Finca La Tormenta, where the Cheves family farm their land adjacent to the famous Parque Nacional de la Sierra de las Minas, one of Guatemala's most biodiverse and magnificent nature reserves. Nestled in this breathtaking region, our partners are dedicated to preserving the richness of the environment while producing exceptional coffees.

A paradise for biodiversity

With its lands surrounded by cloud forests and enjoying year-round mild weather, Finca La Tormenta is developing as a true refuge for biodiversity. Thanks to their sustainable farming practices, they maintain a delicate balance with nature, ensuring the continued prosperity of the flora and fauna that inhabit this paradise. When you choose Finca La Tormenta products, you're not only enjoying the highest quality produce, you're also contributing to the conservation of Guatemala's precious natural heritage. Discover the true essence of sustainability and biodiversity with every purchase from our esteemed partners at Finca La Tormenta.

Electric coffee

By supporting our project, you're also supporting a brighter future where coffee has a significantly smaller footprint on the environment. Roasting with electricity eliminates one of the biggest sources of coffee-related greenhouse gas emissions. Make your daily effort by drinking electric.

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