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Finca Antonio Recinos

Finca Antonio Recinos

Guatemala Natural Carbonic Maceration Roast : Medium 1300m

This batch of Parainema from Familia Recinos is their first carbonic maceration batch. It gives life to a lively blend of strawberries, ripe fruit and a roundness of cocoa.




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Here is an extraordinary batch of coffee from Finca Antonio Recinos, nestled in the mountains of Huehuetenango in Guatemala. This coffee features juicy strawberry notes and intertwines with a hint of cocoa, adding delicious complexity to the overall structure. It's a funky bean that's great in espresso that everyone will love, and fun in a filter, to satisfy true specialty coffee aficionados.

Embracing tradition while pushing the boundaries of innovation, Sebastian and Antonio Recinos invite you to join them on this exhilarating coffee adventure. This experimental batch of carbonic maceration allows you to discover a mixture of art, tradition and innovation.

We purchased the full 210kg lot, which will be available while supplies last! Hurry to taste the aromas of carbonic maceration.

The development of this exceptional lot from Guatemala was not easy. Error after error, we tasted underdeveloped versions of this cafe, “baked” versions due to a ROR crash, and overdeveloped versions. After a bit of desperation, we took a step back.

Being a natural with a rather particular carbonic maceration process, we tried ourselves with a lower loading temperature and a less aggressive curve, for a total roasting time of 15 minutes. wow! This is where we discovered a brand new coffee with a good body, a not too aggressive acidity and very round and pleasant strawberry aromas on the palate.

A little bit of perfectionism and we've finally arrived at what we believe to be the pinnacle of this coffee, a funky bean that's great in espresso that will please everyone and is both nice in a filter, to satisfy the true coffee lover of speciality.

With a first crack at 11 minutes 44 seconds and a development of 18% for a total time of 14 minutes 28 seconds, it really is a well-developed coffee that offers a roundness and a velvety aspect while keeping the aromas of fruits, thanks to the carbonic maceration.

Espresso recipe

Although we recommend a poured infusion to take full advantage of the coffee's aromas, here's an espresso recipe that brings out the fruity side without too much acidity:

  • 18 g coffee
  • 45 g extraction
  • All in 30 seconds

Recipe for over

For the over, we got our best results with a Timemore Crystal Eye B75. So here's the single-serving recipe we preferred for extracting it:

  • 15 g coffee
  • Water at 202 degrees Fahrenheit (94 degrees Celcius)
  • Bloom 50ml for 45-60 seconds
  • Total volume 250 ml (in two 100 ml instalments after blooming)
  • Total brewing time 3 minutes

Importer : Balam Coffee Project FOB Price : 7.11$ USD /Kg Our price : 7.82$ USD /Kg

Finca Antonio Recinos

Drawing on their rich family heritage, Antonio and Sebastian are passionate about pushing the boundaries of coffee production. They focus on exploring different processing methods, isolated varieties and continuous experimentation. Their unwavering commitment is to bring forth the most rewarding and exceptional cups of coffee that will titillate the senses and delight coffee lovers the world over.

Sustainable production

With a keen eye on sustainability and ethical sourcing, Antonio Recinos ensures that every step of their coffee journey aligns with values handed down from generation to generation. They understand the importance of caring for the land, communities and environment to nurture a truly harmonious and thriving coffee ecosystem.

More information

Variety : Parainema
Price paid per kilogram : $7.11 USD FOB
Process : Natural
Harvest date : 2/2/2022-21/3/2022
Fermentation : Carbonic maceration 72 hours
Geographical location : Huehuetenango

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