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Gesha Village - Chaka

Gesha Village - Chaka

Ethiopian Washed Roast : Light 2000m

Gesha Village's Chaka evokes a delightful blend of sweet lemon, peach, apricot and honey.




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We present to you an exceptional batch of coffee from Gesha Village. An incredibly smooth and approachable profile. The symphony of stone fruit notes intertwine with a bright citric edge that adds a nice depth to the overall structure. This coffee evokes a tantalizing blend of sweet lemon, peach, apricot and honey.

The flavor structure evokes the creaminess of a lemon iced tea, complemented by sweet white flowers. Each sip is a testament to the smooth, round texture of the coffee, which lingers pleasantly in the mouth.

This coffee has a very special place in our hearts since it comes from the Gesha Village, with an unparalleled reputation and proven quality. Being a washed coffee, we decided to opt for a fairly classic and fast curve, with the aim of disturbing the ROR as little as possible and therefore enjoying the natural aromas of this delicious bean.

With a first crack at 5 minutes 15 seconds at a temperature of 205 degrees, an end of roasting at 6 minutes 5 seconds at a temperature of 214 degrees and a development of 15%, it is therefore a fairly pale coffee with little caramelization. The fruit aromas keep the natural acidity of the coffee and give a pleasant velvety and round texture.

Espresso recipe

Although we recommend an over-brewed infusion to enjoy all the coffee's aromas, here's an espresso recipe that brings out the lemony, honeyed flavor.

  • 18g of coffee
  • 45g extraction
  • All in 30 seconds


Pour-over recipe

For pour-over, we got our best results with a Timemore Crystal Eye B75, as this system has no flow speed limitation. Ethiopian coffees tend to produce more fine particles (especially with a low-quality grinder), so brewing at v60 can create a blockage at the bottom of the filter, slowing extraction and bringing out more bitterness in the coffee. We had to slightly increase the grind size, compared to the setting normally used for a Kalita or v60. In short, here's the single-serving recipe we preferred for extracting our Gesha Village Chaka.

  • 15g coffee
  • Water at 94 degrees
  • Bloom 50ml for 45-60 seconds
  • Total volume 250ml (in two 100ml pours after the bloom)
  • Total brewing time 3 minutes

Importer : Forward Coffee FOB Price : $8.36 USD /Kg Our price : $13.00 USD /Kg

Gesha Village Farm

Grown at an altitude of between 1911 and 2069 meters above sea level, the coffee has been imbued with the richness of its environment. With a rainfall of 2000 mm/year and humidity ranging from 10 to 90%, the geographical conditions of the Southwestern state, West Omo zone, have proven ideal for coffee cultivation.

The harvest

The beans were meticulously harvested between December 9, 2021 and January 5, 2022. A dry fermentation process was used for 18 hours, which enhanced the natural flavors and aromas of the coffee. The beans were then dried for a period of 30-35 days on raised beds at an ideal drying temperature of 35°C Max - 20°C Min.

More information

Variety : Mixture of heirs
Future price paid per kilogram: 8.36 USD FOB
Process : Washed
Harvest Date: 9/12/2021 - 5/1/2022 Drying time: 30 - 35 days of drying on raised beds
Drying temperature: 35 °C Max. - 20 °C Min.
Altitude: 1911 - 2069 masl Humidity: 10 - 90%
Geographical location: 1,000 - 2,000 masl

Electric Coffee

By encouraging our project, you also encourage a better future where coffee has a significantly less important imprint on the environment. Roasting with electricity is to eliminate the greatest source of emission from Gas with greenhouse effects connected to coffee. Make your effort on a daily basis by drinking electric.

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